Sculptured wax artistically designed before your very eyes


Instructions for burning your candle: Follow these simple steps so you can get the maximum use from your candle, it will also enable you to retain much of the design. Burn the candle for short periods of time(2 hours). Extinguish the flame and allow to cool. Before relighting trim the wick to about 1/4 inch. After a well is formed, 2-3 inches inside your candle, a short round votive or tealight candle may be inserted and burned in the well. Remember limit the burn time and control the flame.

Religious Candles

Our line of religious candles include Angel Candles and Cross Candles.

Angel candles come in 3 very different styles to choose from.

Cross candle can be used for first Communions or baptisms, and they also make a lovely display in any room.  

Angel style #1

6 inch ~ $30.00          9 inch ~ $39..00          12 inch ~ $ 62.00

This style comes with glitter standard, can be ordered without glitter.

Angel style #2

6 inch ~ 30.00          9 inch ~ $39.00          12 inch ~ $62.00

Angel style #3

4 inch ~ $28.00          6 inch ~ $32.00          9 inch ~ $41.00

Cross Metal Art

$1.00-$8.00 added to the price of the chosen size of candle ordered.

Crosses will vary due to availability.

Most commonly ordered in one opaque color.