Sculptured wax artistically designed before your very eyes


Each candle is made in the highest tradition of professional candlemaking. We create quality, long-burning, hand carved candles which we unconditionally guarantee to meet your expectations, or it will be replaced, as long as you have followed directions for burning. 

Traditional German Style Carved Candles


We start with a star shaped clear core that we make at our warehouse.  First we soak the core for about one minute in the clear hot wax till it is softened.  We then dip on 20-30 layers of the various colored wax.  After we have finished dipping the candles the wax stays worm and pliable for about 10 minutes. The carving has to be done in that 10 minutes.  To carve the candles we use a regular paring knife and a loop tool.  We make our cuts and manipulate the wax in to the desired design.  After finishing the candles off we dip it into an acrylic glaze.  The glaze is applied so that you can dust the candles.  It also gives the glitter something to stick too. The glaze takes about 1.5 hours to dry.  The complete process takes about 2 hours, then the candle is ready to take home.



When the candle is first lit, it may be necessary to pour off some of the melted wax until the flame reaches the original core. During the dipping process water may have been trapped between the layers of wax and pouring off some of the dipped wax will allow your candle to burn more smoothly down inside your sculpture.

Follow these simple steps so you can get the maximum use form your candle, it will enable you to retain much of the design. Burn the candle for short periods of time (2 hours). Extinguish the flame and allow to cool. Before relighting trim the wick to about 1/4 inch.

After a well is formed. 2 to 3 inches inside your candle a short round votive candle may be inserted and burned in the well.

Avoid burning your candle in a draft since this can cause irregular burning.


 Because of our protective glaze coat you can dust your candle with a dust cloth. Dust cloths such as an old pair of pantie hose or Swiffer work very well. If your candle has a heavy build up of dust and dirt, it can be removed by rinsing it under a soft spray of cold water, then blot dry with a towel. Do not let water set on the finish.